Meet Mika — a Brooklyn-Based Japanese Food Entrepreneur and Super Mama


Mika Hatsushima is the founder of Rice and Miso, a health-oriented bento box restaurant in Boerum Hill and in Dumbo, Brooklyn. After having her first daughter Reika in 2012, Mika was inspired to share her passion for pure ingredients and the wholesome food she grew up with in Japan and thus opened Rice and Miso. Mika worked hard for four years at Brooklyn Flea running Rice & Miso Everyday, setting the foundation of her business, before opening up her dream rice ball (onigiri) shop two years ago in Boerum Hill. Mika’s food often sustains all of us at Nutu during long work sessions and photoshoots — thank you, Mika! 


What are the three words you would use to define the journey that has brought you to this point in your life, your career, your development? Do you want to tell us a bit more about this journey?

Family, experience, passion 

What are the 3-5 food ingredients that you couldn’t cook / live without?

Rice, soy sauce, miso

Is there a project that you’re working on that you’re excited about and could share with us?

My second store in Dumbo and creating Rice & Miso’s first line of packaged products. 

What is the best meal someone made for you? 

Rice balls made by my mom. 

What is the importance of ritual in your life? What are a few of your daily or weekly rituals?

Sophie’s yoga class — Sophie is my good friend (and part of the Nutu family). @sophieellagreen

We see sustainability as an ever-evolving process, a continuous striving toward a better way of living and being. How are you trying to make your way toward being more sustainable? 

Using compostable products for the store and driving an electric car. 

How important is it to you to know where your ingredients come from and how they’re grown? 

Very important to feel better and confident in what you’re eating. 

What makes moringa interesting to you? Can you tell us more about the recipe you’d like to make / you’ve made with Nutu’s moringa

Moringa miso soup (as a moringa-based broth) 

What are your top three places to get healthy, simple food [anywhere in the world]? 

Paris; the farmers market; Rice & Miso! 

Can you share with us what resources you turn to for healthy and happy living? 

Making sure my kids are eating good food and eating well so they are not only physically healthy but mentally well balanced — this makes me happy. 


photo : rice and miso

photo : rice and miso

Locations :

134 Nevins Street in Boerum Hill, brooklyn ny 11215

Dumbo Archway 155 water st brookyn ny 11201