nutu's origins: a seed sewn in 2010

nutu origins history of moringa

The seed that would become Nutu was sewn in 2010, with the founding of Forest & Life, a social movement that fights deforestation in Africa.

The effects of deforestation, which has been rampant throughout Africa, have been devastating. They include not only water scarcity, malnutrition, and the decimation of local economies, but also a profound reduction in biodiversity.

The cultivation of moringa oleifera, a fast-growing tree that thrives in precisely those drought-prone regions where the sting of malnutrition is felt most, has been instrumental in the reforestation of Africa, all the while providing a powerful source of nutrition to the people of the region and invigorating local economies.

Over the last ten years, Forest & Life has planted hundreds of acres of moringa trees across Africa, nourishing the population, creating jobs, and restoring biodiversity to the landscape. 

Nutu's mission:

Nutu was formed to share part of this precious moringa bounty with the international market. Thanks to the implementation of the highest possible standards of quality control, Nutu is helping create a vital outlet for premium moringa, while enabling those who plant it to take home a higher quality, more nutrient-dense crop.

Founded on a vision of business as a virtuous cycle, a means of providing not just for the few but for us all, this is Nutu : Health from the ground up.


Learn more about moringa and its social impact in the United Nations video below.

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