moringa health benefits: anti-asthmatic 


These studies investigate moringa oleifera for its anti-asthmatic properties and confirm another of its health benefits: its usefulness in decreasing resistance in the respiratory airways as well as in increasing airflow to the lungs.


This study investigates the efficacy and safety of seed kernels of Moringa oleifera in the treatment of bronchial asthma. In conclusion, treatment with Moringa oleifera for 3 weeks produced significant improvement in forced vital capacity, forced expiratory volume in one second, and peak expiratory flow rate values. None of the patients showed any adverse effects with M. oleifera.


The possible mechanism of the antiasthmatic action of Moringa oleifera seed kernel ethanolic extract  were studied here. The data suggest inhibition of the immediate hypersensitive reaction, histamine release, and the infiltration of various inflammatory cells as possible antiasthmatic mechanisms of action.


This study investigates the effect of alcoholic extract of Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera) seed kernels on various experimental models of bronchial asthma. The data suggest that antiasthmatic activity of M. oleifera seed kernels may be due to its bronchodilator, anti-inflammatory, mast cell stabilization and antimicrobial activity.


This study suggest that M. oleifera possesses prophylactic and therapeutic potential for anti-asthmatic activity. None of the patients showed any adverse effect which suggest safety of drug in dose used. M. oleifera in addition can be used for enhancement in the hemoglobin level.


Moringa can decrease resistance in the respiratory airways and increase airflow to the lungs ;

—> it is also a great hypotensive: