Gift set : powder + cookbook

Gift set : powder + cookbook


Includes 1 cookbook + 3.2 oz jar of moringa leaf powder +  small 8’x8’ tote bag

If you are new to the world of moringa, this kit is a great way to start. 

In “cooking with moringa: the world’s most nutrient-dense plant,” Adeline and Deeva, co-founders of NUTU, have compiled their favorite plant-based recipes to help you incorporate this wondrous plant into your daily routine. From gluten-free breakfast treats like Moringa Financiers and Almond Flour Banana Bread to savory snacks and soups like Leek and Moringa Skillet Popcorn and Indian-spiced Moringa & Lentil Stew, this beautifully photographed volume is the perfect introduction to a plant that is every ounce as delicious as it is nutritious.     

Moringa is prized by Ayurvedic medicine for its adaptogenic, detoxifying, energy-enhancing, immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, moringa is the world’s most nutrient-dense plant. 

Nutu sources only the finest moringa leaves, grown in accordance with the principles of permaculture and agro-forestry by small, women led cooperatives in West Africa. The vibrant color and superfine texture are the result of superior processing

A complete plant protein. Raw, gluten free, vegan. 

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